Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wirral Book Fest - John Siddique and Holly Green

On Tuesday 8th April: 2-3.30pm West Kirby library hosted "The best words" from John Siddique and Wirral’s Young Poet Laureate, Holly Green. Acclaimed poet John Siddique shared his favourite poems and some of his own gems,supported by Holly Green.

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Paul Irons introduces the two poets, Holly Green and John Siddique.

Holly Green, Wirral's Young Poet Laureate.

John chats to the official photographer.

Holly responds to the audience.

Holly reading a favourite poem.

The audience

John sharing a poem that means so much to him.

John and Holly take questions from the audience.

More questions...

The audience listen to a final poem.

John Siddique

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